Cure termali

The sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium hyperthermal waters of Bagni di Lucca gush out at a temperature of 54° from the source of the Doccione.

The waters provide anti-inflammatory, analgesic, relaxant and stress-relieving effects for the bones, joints, muscles and tendons. They also act as an effective anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antis-spasmodic, liquefier, trophic, immunostimulant and anti-allergic on the mucosa of the respiratory system. The high temperature of the mud treatment and cave induces profuse sweating, which provides a purifying effect particularly when combined with water therapy.

Our thermal baths are therefore highly recommended for treating conditions of the ears, nose and throat in adults and children; dermatological diseases, rheumatic, vascular and gynaecological conditions and for treating obesity and metabolic disorders such as gout.

They are also very useful for certain gastrointestinal disorders, such as indigestion and constipation.


The diseases that can derive real benefit from spa treatments at the Bagni di Lucca Spa and the corresponding care cycles, with a special agreement with the Italian National Health Service, are as follows:

  • Rheumatic diseases: osteoarthritis and other degenerative forms, non-articular rheumatism.
  • Respiratory diseases: sinusitis and chronic bronchial syndromes, simple chronic bronchitis or with obstructive elements.
  • Ear, nose and throat conditions: vasomotor rhinopathy, chronic laryngitis, chronic sinusitis, tubal stenosis,
  • Chronic catarrhal otitis, chronic purulent otisis (not cholesteatoma based).
  • Vascular diseases: the after-affects of chronic venous diseases, peripheral vascular diseases.
  • Dermatological conditions: psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Gastro-intestinal diseases: constipation variants of irritable bowel syndrome, gastro-intestinal or biliary dyspepsia.
  • Gynaecological conditions: regressive painful sclerosis of the pelvis with scar tissue, persistent leucorrhoea from chronic and dystrophic vaginitis.


    All thermal spa therapies can be paid for with the following offers:

    • Discount of 5% for those attending 6 therapy sessions
    • Discount of 10% for those attending a full cycle of 12 sessions
    • Discount of 20% for those attending a second cycle of 12 sessions during the same calendar year, in addition to the agreed amount with the Italian National Health Service (Discount of 10% if the second cycle consists of 6 therapy sessions).

    For all the information you can call us on: (+39) 0583 87221 or send us an email by filling in the form in the Contact Us section of this website. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

    thermal spa therapies

    Plunge bath € 13.00
    Steam room in the Grotta Naturale Grande cave € 20.00
    Steam bath at the Grotta Naturale Paolina cave € 20.00
    Partial mud pack treatment (hands and feet) € 15.00
    Full mud pack treatment with therapeutic bath € 25.50
    Jacuzzi Bath € 18.00
    Therapeutic massage (15 minutes) € 19.00
    Therapeutic massage (30 minutes) € 29.00
    Vaginal douche € 10.00
    Vaginal douche with bath included € 16.00
    Inhalation treatment € 9.00
    Inhalation therapy € 9.00
    Spray therapy € 9.00
    Micronised nasal irrigation € 9.00
    Sonic inhalation therapy € 9.00
    Pulmonary ventilation € 12.00
    Respiratory physical therapy € 22.00
    Tubotympanic insufflation € 16.50
    Politzerisation € 13.50
    Rhinogenous deafness cycle (insufflation + inhalation) € 21.00
    Mineral water home cure therapy € 3.00


    • Bathrobe € 36.00
    • Non-slip slippers € 5.00
    • Cup for mineral water therapy € 7.00
    • Bathing Cap € 3.00
    • Bathrobe hire (per day) € 4.00
    • Bath kit supplement (cycle of 12 treatments) Including inhalation therapy kit or irrigation kit € 9.00
    • Bath kit supplement for the cave € 12.50


    Any guest may enjoy one treatment cycle for the agreed year. Those with a disability category over 67% are entitled to one cycle for their debilitating condition as well as one cycle for a different condition. Similarly, those who have a condition caused by military service may enjoy 2 cycles of spa therapies per year.

    Any user of the Italian National Health Service is entitled to one therapy cycle per year, by presenting their prescription from their doctor, and paying a prescription charge of €59. Payment of single prescription of € 3.10 for persons exempt from paying the Italian prescription charge in accordance with existing regulations.

    Doctors do not have to pay a prescription charge for the first treatment cycle (prescription required) and can enjoy a 20% discount on additional treatments. Relatives of Doctors (husband, wife, children) can enjoy a 20% reduction in fees for the entire spa price last.



    Di grande fama e tradizione, le Terme di Bagni di Lucca sono alimentate da acque solfato- bicarbonato-calciche dallo straordinario potere curativo e rigenerante, che sgorgano a 54° gradi dalla sorgente principale del “Doccione”.

    Le nostre acque termali hanno un effetto antinfiammatorio e miorilassante sull'apparato osteo-articolare e muscolo-tendineo, un'azione decongestionante e trofica sulle mucose, in particolare nasali e vaginali e sono indicate nelle patologie otorinolaringoiatriche degli adulti e dei bambini.

    I vapori naturali delle acque presenti nelle grotte hanno un benefico effetto antistress, agiscono sulla pelle, levigandola e rendendola vellutata e luminosa.

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