Terme Bagni di Lucca trattamenti viso

Enjoy a facial treatment with mud and water at the Hotel & Terme Bagni di Lucca. Our friendly and experienced staff will guide you through every stage of the treatment. You can choose from a wide range of offers:

  • Perlage treatment, anti-ageing
  • Silk treatment, nourishing, with plant collagen and silk
  • Oxygen blow, synergic action of apple tree stem cells
  • Ultrasound anti-ageing treatment 
  • Aesthetic micro-lifting
  • Eye radiance ritual, reduces the signs of fatigue on the skin
  • Hydrating ritual with alginate
  • Facial Shiatsu
  • Multi-functional massage for face, neck and head.


    (70 MINUTES) | € 79,00

    Anti-ageing treatment that acts by reducing and preventing the signs of ageing enhancing the natural beauty of the skin, for a beauty that never fades. Precious natural active ingredients such as carob seeds extract, coffee, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate and some new finds, combined with a face peel mask that nourishes and regenerates, and provides a filling, relaxing and lifting effect. Before the treatment the skin is cleansed with cleansing milk and peeled; a deep tissue facial massage is performed followed by the application of a specific serum. Finally, a mask is applied and a soft facial and neck massage is performed.


    (60 MINUTES) | € 79,00

    A nourishing plant collagen and silk treatment; the silk is obtained from the natural opening of silkworm cocoons. The skin is cleansed with cleansing milk and then treated with a peeling; a deep tissue massage is performed, followed by the application of a specific serum containing natural extracts such as green tea, coffee, blueberry and hyaluronic acid (plant derived). Then, a silk veil mask is layed, moistened with "butterfly" brushes throughout the application, to release sericin, the major silk protein that, thanks to its hydrating and antioxidant action, protects against UV rays, and visibly reduces the damages caused by ageing.

    OXYGEN BLOW (60 MINUTES) | € 99,00

    A breath of cosmetic excellence.

    The treatment is based on the synergic action of apple tree stem cells, hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight and plant-based complex, the result of a cutting-edge research in the technical and cosmetic fields. The dissolution of oxygen in the tissues and in the blood fosters the redefinition of the face profile: the small wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin appears smoother and more refined.

    ultrasound ANTI-AGEING TREATMENT  (60 MINUTES) | € 66,00

    It visibly reduces skin blemishes caused by ageing as well as renews and moisturises the skin effectively. Innovative treatment that combines the ultrasounds with active cosmetic ingredients.


    (60 MINUTES) | € 59,00

    A treatment that performs an exclusive myodermic massage that visibly reduces skin blemishes caused by ageing, relieves tissue fatigue and reduces micro-tensions. The stimulations are pleasant and relaxing.


    The facial cleansing is carried out with exclusive thermal cosmetics. It is an ideal and essential ritual to prepare the skin before starting any specific treatment.

    THERMAL MUD MASK  (30 MINUTES) | € 36,00

    It is a special treatment for the face and the neck performed with exclusive spa formulations to achieve an immediate effect of brightness and skin balance.

    EYEs radiance ritual (30 MINUTES) | € 42,00

    A deep action that visibly reduces the wrinkles around the eyes, reidentifies the skin and reduces the signs of fatigue. It consists in a light cleansing followed by a compress with draining and anti-ageing properties. Finally, a massage using Carrara marble stones is performed and a specific decongestant serum is applied.

    hydrating ritual with alginate

    (60 MINUTES) | € 69,00

    Innovative cosmetic treatment with a strong osmotic power, providing an immediate hydrating action. First, the skin is prepared with cleansing milk and a peeling, vaporised with thermal water and a moisturising serum is applied. Then a face alginate peel mask is applied on the face, mixed with thermal water rich in trace elements; once spreads on the face, neck and neckline, it creates an occlusive layer which is perfect on skin micro-reliefs while allowing it to breathe. By osmosis, it provides a hydrating action and trace elements to the deeper skin layers. The treatment is completed with a 10’ massage using a moisturising cream. The skin will appear softer, relaxed and toned, with a radiant colour and a brighter and swollen appearance.

    FACIAL shiatsu (15 MINUTES) | € 24,00

    An ancient Japanese massage technique that applies finger pressure on particular points of the face, to eliminate energy blocks, fatigue and to stimulate the natural self-healing capabilities.


    Localised massage on the face, neck and head with a draining effect, it stimulates circulations while relaxing and reduces the signs of ageing.

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