OFFER A DAY OF WELLNESS AT hotel & terme bagni di LUCCA

Spa gift voucher

Do you want to give a truly original and exceptional gift? Why not offer friends or family a haven of wellness and pampering at the Hotel & Terme Bagni di Lucca.  With our voucher you can choose from various Wellness Programmes, hotel accommodations and cosmetics products. Take advantage of our offers now.

How does the Gift Voucher work?

Order your Gift Voucher in a quick and easy way. Browse our website and choose what you want to offer between hotel accommodations, wellness programmes, treatments or products and just click on "add to voucher" next to the item you have chosen.

Then, go back to the gift voucher menu and fill the form with your name and the name of the beneficiary; if you want, you can include a short message. You will receive an email confirmation with the instructions for the payment.

Once the payment has been done, we will send the voucher either to you or directly to the beneficiary, in your preferred format (by email or by postal service).

Vouchers have a six months validity period. For more information on how to purchase the voucher, you can get in touch with us at the Contact Us section or call us (+39) 0583 87221.

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