Ponte del diavolo borgo a mozzano

Lucca is one of the most beautiful and renowned city of art in Italy. The town has fortified walls that were built in the XVI Century and that remain almost intacts, and it is full of beautiful churches and monuments. Lucca is situated in the middle of an enchanting urban landscape and surrounded by some wonderful villas.

The history of Lucca is full of charm and mystery. Its cultural influences are the result of its Roman origins and of the French dominations.

Come and spend a few days at Hotel & Terme Bagni di Lucca and visit the city and its surroundings. We would like to give you some useful and interesting starting points, providing you some information about museums and markets.


There are a lot of palaces, villas, museums and monuments that you can visit near Bagni di Lucca, that represent an excellent starting point for nice excursions in the surroundings. Turn your wellness stay into a wonderful experience celebrating culture.

The Plaster Figure and Migration Museum
Via del Mangano 17, Coreglia Antelminelli
Tel: (+39) 0583 78082, (+39) 0583 78152

The National Museum of Villa Giunigi
Via della Quarquonia, 55100 | Lucca
Tel: (+39) 0583 496033

Birthplace of Giacomo Puccini
Corte San Lorenzo 9, 55100 | Lucca
Tel: (+39) 0583 584028

Lucca Botanical Gardens
Via del Giardino Botanico 14, 55100 | Lucca
Tel: (+39) 0583 583086

Chestnut Museum
Località Colognora | Val di Roggio 55060, Lucca
Tel: (+39)  0583 358159

Orrecchiella Park Naturalistic Museum
Orecchiella | Corfino, S. Romano in Garfagnana | Lucca
Tel: (+39) 0583 619098

Home of the Puccini
Via Meletori| Celle Di Puccini 55064, Pescaglia| Lucca
Tel: (+39) 0583 359154

Native house and museum of Pascoli
Via Colle di Caprona 55050, Castelvecchio Pascoli | Lucca
Tel: (+39) 0583 766147

House of the Risorgimento
Cortile degli Svizzeri 6, 55100 | Lucca
Tel: (+39) 0583 955765

Palazzo Mansi National Museum
Via Galli Tassi 43, 55100 | Lucca
Tel: (+39) 0583 312221


I mercatini intorno a Lucca sono un pezzo di storia che da anni mantengono inalterato il fascino che li caratterizza. Sono luoghi della tradizione toscana che sanno regalare sorprese di ogni genere. Di seguito riportiamo i più caratteristici:



Handcrafts, antique and second-hand trade.
Every second Sunday of the month (except August).



Handcrafts, antique and second-hand trade.
Every second Sunday of the month.


Castelnuovo Garfagnana

Arts and crafts market.
Every first weekend of the month.


Forte dei Marmi

Antiques market.
Every second weekend of the month.



Antiques market.
Every third Sunday of the month.



Antiques market.
Every second Sunday of the month


Pietra Santa

Antiques market.
Every Saturday morning.


Antiques Fair

Every first Sunday of the month.



Antiques market.
Every Saturday morning



Antiques market.
Every last weekend of the month.

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